I have something to tell you,” he says.

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foursix + water colour
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Tris <4 Four. Watch this clip to see how Shailene and Theo captured the magic on camera.

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Don’t think, just jump. Half of bravery is perspective. The first time I did this, it was one of the hardest things I had ever done.

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weasleywrinkles — LOVE YOUR URL OMGGGGG

:) thanks! i like yours hehe

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‘Will. Dull-eyed and mindless, but still Will. He stops running and mirrors me, his feet planted and his gun up. In an instant, I see his finger poised over the trigger and hear the bullet slide into the chamber, and I fire. My eyes squeezed shut. Can’t breathe.
The bullet hit him in the head. I know because that’s where I aimed it.’


'He smiles in my memory. A curled lip. Straight teeth. Light in his eyes. Laughing,
teasing, more alive in memory than I am in reality. It was him or me. I chose me. But I feel dead too.’


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get to know me meme: [5/10] female characters » Tris Prior

I belong to the people that I love, and they belong to me - they, and the love and loyalty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could.

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And then there’s  D a u n t l e s s.  They’re our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless and free. Some people think Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.

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